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Health Writing in Content Marketing

I am a freelancing nurse writer for health and wellness. As an RN, I have educated patients for years and know how to find accurate information and draw in the consumer. I produce health content for blog posts, consumer health articles, landing pages, and more. I transform  information into consumer-friendly, high-quality reading material backed with accredited citations. 

Enjoy the best
content and SME combined together

Excellence is in a nurse’s nature. We strive to achieve our goals in a well managed time frame. As your rn writer I will:
>Communicate promptly
>Research accurately
>Add extra value as a Subject Matter Expert
>Deliver outstanding health content in a timely manner


Health Articles & Blogs

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Cell Phone Use at Work: Is it Approproiate?

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How to Make More Money as a Nurse

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    Guest Blogging

        with Elizabeth Morrill, MHS, BSN, RN

Elizabeth is a former ER nurse and current nurse writer who specializes in health content for businesses, patients, and healthcare providers. Her work in healthcare has spanned the globe, from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Colombia to Guatemala. In her spare time, she writes science fiction novels and chases after her three young kids. www.EMFreelancing.com.

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The internet spreads information like wildfire and effects every part of our daily life.  Let me know how I can advance your ideas and help your brand skyrocket.

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